L'amour Toujours Rose

 L'amour Toujours Rose this brand is inspired by Eileen Rose and Lindsay Rose we are a mother daughter duo! Throughout this site you will see eyeshadow palette's , nail polish, lipsticks , magnetic lashes, custom color foundation, serums, and you will learn  knowing a few of the "Rose Secrets" How to have soft supple skin. Our line of products are so soft that people say they are softasarosepetal. 

L'amour Toujours Rose Eyeshadow Pallette

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  • Toujours Rose, Lab Created Custom Colors. Foundation, & lipstick, & nail polish

  • Toujours Rose's Unwrap me "collection"

Toujours Rose, Lab Created Custom Colors. Foundation, & lipstick, & nail polish

Toujours Rose's Unwrap me "collection"


 My skin has a finished glow to it. I use the oxygen facial and then add double back to my skin then I apply my airbrush foundation. I have gotten compliments on my skin. I also have roscea but with this I can cover everything .and it's just perfect! Thank You for my kit! 

Kaylee G.

I love this line! 

Stephanie social media influencer

I purchased the pink coat. I got a small it fits perfectly and it's lightweight so I can wear it thru the spring. 

Lydia P.

I Love my time bombs and African red Tea. 

Tia S.

I won't leave my house till I have my magnetic lashes on! I've gotten many compliments on these! Thank You Toujours Rose! 

Jessica Kihn Mauderer

My foundation not only is the best for coverage. It smells better than Anything I have ever used! I won't use any other! 

Kihana B. Former miss Teen Kansas 2014

My Oxygen Facial I have been using has made my fine lines and put the moisture back into my skin! I use it 3 times a week. It's like my own personal spa time at home. Being a mom of 5! I thoroughly enjoy this! I use this and the Double Back that is my moisturizer. 

Jessica Goldschmidt

I purchased the pink 5 in 1 purse! It's perfect for my flights, and business courses, I even use it for school. I'm a sales leader! Traveling about 95% of the time. I just Love how convenient each item is, I have storage for my sunglasses, a makeup inside my purse and a large purse that's lined so I can use that as well. I also have my business card wallet in their. It came with everything. 

Linda D.

I have been using the airbrush compressor and my skin has a flawless look to it. I am going to Always use Toujours Rose's Entire Line! 

Nancy S.


Like my airbrush compressor and makeup. It goes on smoothly. 

Nikki bartender at Aria. Las Vegas, Nevada

I'm a mom of 5 and going to soccer practice or dance, gymnastics and managing a lawfirm. I need this to be quick and easy! It's been a lifesaver for me. 

Kristy J. Family Law divorce attorney.

I spray and go it takes me 5/ 10 minutes to get ready. My husband appreciates my new ways of being able to have a full look with minimal time . We have 3 kids and both work full-time so I don't have alot of time to get ready. This takes me 5 to 10 minutes and I am out the door! My confidence has never been so great! 

Dr. Pollick

My husband purchased a kit from your company and you ladies were able to lab create and color customize my EXACT foundation. Thank You! 

Jenny U.

Time bombs are amazing. I call it Botox in a bottle. I've told many of my friends about this! Sincerely, a happy customer! 

Tara turning back the clock.

Toujours Rose Trade Secrets

Thruout this site you will learn about blending techniques, you will learn rose "secrets" Also the secrets of the stars. Did you know for decades the stars have been using airbrush makeup? You can now too! Ready for that flawless look?