About Us

 L'amour Toujours Rose this brand is inspired by Eileen Rose and Lindsay Rose we are a mother daughter duo! Eileen Rose (my mother) is the creator of it! We found a lab that had the right ingredients for sensitive skin. A  bit about us: We had women's boutiques in 1999. That's when  L'amour Toujours Rose first came about.
My mom is the makeup QUEEN!
We wanted a way to be able to see a vast variety of people and show our line too. This is near and dear to us in part because I am a brain cancer survivor and during my chemo treatments this is the only makeup or skincare I could use.
My health took a turn for the worst in the 2000's. We no longer had our women's boutiques. What can I say?  Life happened. Here we are pursuing our dreams together! This is a dream come true for my mother and I to be able to share the makeup line and skincare line with you all. I fought to live and want to inspire others on their journeys..