L'amour Toujours Rose ™ Institute

The picture above is Kihana. She is the Executive Secretary for Universal Film Festival. Year after year. She continually wears L'amour Toujours Rose ™ Airbrush Foundation. We have EXCITING news, COMING SOON!!!!!!  L'amour Toujours Rose ™ Institute.. We will teach you the secrets of how to create a flawless look. On Anyone. We will also give you the tools it takes towards running your own Make Up Artist business. (websites &  marketing tips, resources and everything it's going to take for you to become your own BOSS! )  Everything from A-Z.Will be set in place for you to turn your passions into your very OWN business.We want to teach you a skill and give you a reason to do what you Love.  We are going to be certifying Rose Petals to become their own BOSS! L'amour Toujours Rose ™ Institute.. The makeup line & skincare line the stars can't get enough of.. www.softasarosepetal.com.